Not sure what type of trampoline would suit your setting? Which trampoline?

Low Rebound In-Ground Trampolines

Low rebound trampolines are extremely robust and low maintenance. As they less bouncy than traditional trampolines they are perfect for less supervised or public areas.

Multifield Trampolines

Multifield trampolines are a great way to give a large amount of play in a relatively small area, with limited supervision.

Gymnastic Trampolines

Playgrade have selected the very best gymnastics trampolines on the market. We offer specialist advice, supply and installation of high-performance professional and competition trampolines for use by athletes and gymnasts in your gym, school or trampoline park.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between high rebound and low rebound?

We differentiate between most of our trampolines with the terms high or low rebound.

High Rebound trampolines
are very bouncy - just like your garden trampolines at home. They should only be used by one user at a time and they should be supervised.

Low rebound trampolines
These have a thicker and less bouncy jump mat - they're still lot's of fun though! They are a good solution for younger children or great in public areas where supervision is not available. Due to their robust nature they are vandal proof and very low maintenance. 

Can we use a residential trampoline in a commercial environment?

This depends if you have a requirement to meet European safety standards or not. We do occasionally sell our domestic trampolines to residential care homes, however if your trampoline is going to be subjected to a good level off use over a prolonged period we'd always recommend opting for the more durable commercial version which meets EU safety standards.

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