What makes Wet Pour a good choice?

What makes Wet Pour a good choice?

Wet pour is commonly used for playgrounds because it delivers an excellent combination of durability and creativity. It retains its colour over time and delivers a safe, non-slip surafce and can be installed to varying depths in order to comply with ciritical fall heights.

Our Wet Pour surfacing can be laid as part of a new construction, usually onto a dynamic crushed stone layer, it can also be laid onto existing hard surfaces. 

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Wet Pour at a glance

Wet Pour at a glance

• Highly versatile surface
• Impermeable to all weather
• Environmentally friendly, manufactured from recycled tyres
• Fast Drainage
• 3D Shapes and 2D Designs
• Spikes can be worn on Wet Pour
• Vandal Resistant
• Resistance to abrasion, slipping and indentation
• Easy to clean and maintain

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Critical fall heights

Critical fall heights

Most in-ground trampolines have a maximum critical fall height. (The highest height you can potentially fall from/jump as high as). This chart shows the recommended wetpour thickness required for some common critical fall heights. 

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