What makes Grass Rubber Matting a good choice?

What makes Grass Rubber Matting a good choice?

A key feature of Grass Rubber Mats are the excellent critical fall heights the mats offer on a variety of surface types. This makes them particularly popular for use in outdoor play areas and trampolines with high critical fall heights (the maximum height you can jump or fall from).

After the matting has been installed grass will begin to grow through the holes which, in time can hide the mats almost entirely. This enables you to greatly increase safety while also maintaining the natural look of your outdoor area.

Grass Rubber Matting is suitable for use in all weather conditions and is an excellent sollution where budget is a constraint.

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Grass Rubber Matting at a glance

Grass Rubber Matting at a glance

• Highly durable
• Absorbs shock & noise
• Critical fall height of 3 metres, tested by ROSPA
• Safe non slip surface in all weather conditions
• Anti-fatigue properties
• High ground drainage
• Can be used on flat or sloped surfaces
• Easy maintenance – grass can be cut as usual
• Suitable for all weather of extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift

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Grass Rubber Matting critical fall heights

Grass Rubber Matting critical fall heights

Most in-ground trampolines have a maximum critical fall height. (The highest height you can potentially fall from/jump as high as). This chart shows the recommended Grass Rubber Matting thickness required for some common critical fall heights. 

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