An introduction to Trampoline Safety

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Play is an essential part of child development. It provides the mechanism for children to explore the world around them and the medium through which skills are developed and practiced. 

Risk taking & challenge

Risk taking and challenge have an especially important role in children’s development and play.

Well designed & supervised

Well designed, supervised and maintained playgrounds and play equipment, such as trampolines, provide an additional stimulus for children and gives them an opportunity to improve their motor skills and test their physical abilities in a controlled and supervised environment.

Things you’ll need to ensure:

  1. Your play area is designed and constructed by a professional contractor/designer with relevant experience
  2. The trampoline is designed and installed to the appropriate safety standard
  3. When the trampoline is installed, appropriate certification and documentation is obtained
  4. Risks associated with the trampoline is assessed and that control measures are adopted
  5. There are appropriate levels of supervision during play periods
  6. Your trampoline is regularly inspected and maintained.


To find out more about selecting the right equipment, safety surfacing, risk assessment, supervision & safety and care & maintenance read our full commercial trampoline safety guide.

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