Playgrade at the London Autism Show 2019

Playgrade Trampolines exhibit and present at the London Autism Show

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Capital Play exhibited at the Autism Show, London ExCel this weekend. We were proud to exhibit for the first time as 'Playgrade Trampolines' our new dedicated commercial trampoline website, which can be seen at 

The Autism Show is a show is an amazing show in partnership with the National Autistic Society - it's a great place for information and direction pre or post diagnosis. The show is a busy and popular event with parents, teachers and carers.

We have been working with Paul Kaye, founder of the Rebound Therapy Organisation for a few years now and they have endorsed our Capital In-ground Trampoline as a suitable trampoline for Rebound Therapy Use. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Paul at the show and our very own Sonia Lowde was speaker at the show alongside Paul Kaye.

Capital Play / Playgrade Trampolines have been selling trampolines to SEN schools, residential care homes and organisations that specialise in Autism for over 15 years now. We didn't set out to sell our trampolines in this particular market. Instead they approached us because they had discovered through their own experience, whether it was a parent, carer, teacher or physio that there were huge benefits to bouncing for the students, children or adults in their care.

In some cases bouncing or rebounding was an outlet for anxious energy, in other cases it resulted in increased concentration as well as a sense of calmness. For many children with Autism, the possibility of them taking part in team sports, whether it was a school or otherwise, was completely out of the question and so bouncing on a trampoline was their main source of exercise. It gave them the opportunity for independent play and with that a greater sense of confidence.

In ALL cases there was no doubt that in what can be a confusing and anxious world, bouncing and rebounding offered a wonderful, sensory outlet, which without doubt, was FUN!

Anxious to increase our knowledge on why this was the case we turned to the Rebound Therapy Organisation to learn more more about the benefits of rebounding and use the knowledge we have obtained to help advise schools, residential homes and private familes on which trampolines would work best for them and how they could benefit from a more structured Rebound Therapy Programme.

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