3 Gallus In-ground Trampolines and a EuroTramp Wheelchair Trampoline

Optimising an underutilised space to provide students of all ages with a vibrant and engaging area to rebound.

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West Hill School sought out Playgrade Trampolines to optimise an area situated between their classrooms and the playing field, catering to students across all year groups. After careful consideration, the Gallus Commercial In-ground Trampolines emerged as the ideal solution, boasting ultra-robust construction, high weight capacity, and a lockable steel-framed door. This scalable option provided managed access and allowed multiple children to bounce simultaneously, offering a solution to keep both students and staff active and fit.


The proposal

Following the resounding success of the initial installation, Playgrade was invited back to incorporate an additional low rebound wheelchair trampoline, enhancing accessibility, and expanding the range of recreational opportunities.

The installation

Our team meticulously executed the installation process throughout the summer months, ensuring completion of the project and surfacing before the start of the new school year. Collaborating seamlessly with other contractors during the school holiday period, we maximised the available time for infrastructure upgrades and maintenance tasks.

The end result

The collective efforts culminated in a comprehensive solution where students could safely enjoy the trampolines while staying clean(ish) and ready to transition smoothly to their next class. With reduced excess energy and heightened focus on subjects like History, Maths, and English, the installation fostered an environment conducive to learning and holistic development.

March 2024

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