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London school maximise play space with in-ground trampoline

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Kingsway Infants school were looking for additional play equipment for their school outdoor play areas. As a small urban Primary school they were incredibly low on outdoor space and so maximising every inch available was key.

The proposal

After conducting a site visit of the school we identified a dis-used bird feeding area, which we proposed to replace with a 10ft Gallus In-ground Trampoline.

Because the trampoline has a full safety enclosure it did not matter that there were stone paths around the trampoline as the students could not accidently fall out, due to the open inwards only doorway system.

Having the path close by meant that students did not have to walk across a muddy field to access the trampoline meaning the trampoline and the students all stay clean!

The installation

Due to it’s urban environment and the proximity of the trampoline to the school fence, to deter unwanted visitors, the school purchased a cover for the trampoline and also installed a padlock on the doorway entrance to prevent unsupervised and uninvited visitors from using the trampoline!

Due to restrictions on space our team had to remove a number of fence panels and a bench to gain access to the snug area but everything was replaced exactly as found and the students were delighted with their new trampoline!

The end result

The trampoline has converted a dis-used space into a main attraction in this urban school playground.
September 2019

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